I Wanna Talk!

Hello Everybody,
Just wanted to remind you, that you can still send in your topic ideas for the next ''Lets Talk'' (which will be this Thursday). For those of you who don't know about the series its basically were I choose a topic from you guys and then write about it. You can see the last Lets Talk here.

So leave comment below telling me want you want to talk about!

xo Katie


  1. Sorry for not posting originally, I was a bit busy last week, and I love this series, so here:
    ermm... what/who got you into blogging/ favourite bloggers/ crafty to do list (what have you seen and got planned to do 'when you get time')/ crafty fails/ best crafty success/ Christmas craft plans (too early?)
    If you need more just ask :)
    Also, can I please ask you: How do you make a blog button?!

  2. Craft fails would be a fun one. or maybe something to do with etsy!


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