Lets Talk: Craft Fails

Hello Everyone,
Today were going to be talking about Craft Fails. Which are those sad little moments where you think everything is going right.... then BOOM, your craft project turns to poo.

Since I consider my blog a diy/crafty blog, I have many sad stories where cute little projects just blew up in my face.

One project that comes to mind, is my version of a colored scratchboard. Colored scratchboards are pieces of ''paper'' that have two layers, a colorful layer and a black layer. The black layer is on top and when you scratch the black away you reveal the colorful layer underneath.

So I thought I could make my own. I basically took a canvas and color it with oil pastels. Then I took some black paint and painted over the pastels. So far so good. Well, when I went to scratch away my design I notice that you had to be extremely careful because without even trying I was making scratching marks on my board. I couldn't even brush away any ''crumbs'' (from where I had scratched my design) because it would leave a mark on my board.

Needles to say the project went into the craft fail bin (even my photography skills on that day was a fail). I might try making the project again but use a more abstract pattern and maybe try some different materials.

Pintester Movement: Sharpie Mug — Fact or Fail?

Since were talking about craft fails I think we need to talk about the funny site called Craft Fails. I discovered the site awhile ago and got a kick out it. If you haven't heard about this site then you need to check it out! Its basically a site where people share there failed craft projects. You probably have seen some of these ''craft fails'' on pinterest. Below I posted one of favorites (because this is something that would totally happen to me).

Spray Painted Shoes Fail

Even though it sucks when a project doesn't work out, I still think that you shouldn't give up (especially if your not a ''crafty person'').  Personally I don't share them but I have many craft fail moments before I actually come up with a decent project.  Most of the time if a project ''fails'' I try to work with it and fix it. Then again there are those project that need to go in the trash because there just so awful (haha).  

The most important thing is that you try. You just need to find what you like whether its painting, crocheting or jewelry making.

So that was my craft fail, now its time to share your in the comments below!

xo Katie


  1. My blog is full of cute crafty things, but there are quite a few behind the scenes craft fails. When I have a great idea for something, but then it just is not cute. at all. ;)
    or sometimes, my craft does look nice, but then falls apart. Like the sharpie mugs. I did a really cool one, where I drew Abraham Lincoln on the side for my dad (for Christmas, too!), but then it washed right off. What a Christmas gift, right? haha

    1. Oh My, that sucks about the sharpie mug. I personally have never made one just because I have heard to many horror stories about them (lol).

      I actually think the sharpie mug is a good idea but I probably wouldn't drink out of it..... I would use the mug to store colorful sharpies instead.

      Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. I tried to use a t-shirt transfer once. I managed to pull it off, but the image was still all plasticy and it had wrinkled and gone blah.
    I also can't line up stripes when making a skirt, or ever hem anything straight, and every attempt at jewellery ends up with beads being found underfoot. Every single time.



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