Mini Shadowbox DIY

Hello Everyone,
When I was trying to think of new projects to make for the blog, a shadowbox kept coming to mind.

Now I am someone who collects and love little knickknacks, so a shadowbox seemed like a good project to take on. Well, today I am sharing with you guys my version of a mini shadowbox.

To make this shadow box you will need four small boxes. I got my boxes at Hobby Lobby and they were .99 cents. When you buy the boxes you will also get lids, you don't need the box lids for this project. So I would just set them aside for another day (I'm currently trying to think of a project for the leftover lids that I have).

Now that you know about the boxes, lets get crafty!

4 Small Boxes 
Tacky Glue
Sawtooth Hook
Paper Cut Outs

Step 1: Before you start decorating your boxes, you will want to figure out how you want your shadowbox to look. So above I put together a few examples of how your shadowbox could look. I ending up making mine like number one. (also number two is showing you how you could make two separate shadowboxes)

Step 2: Paint your boxes. You could paint all your boxes the same color, you could paint each one a different color, its really up to you.

Step 3: Once your boxes are painted and dried, you can now glue them together with your tacky glue.

Step 4: Now the fun part, decorating! Gather up all your buttons, stamps, ribbon scraps, extra paint and paper cut outs together. Then start experimenting with what you like. Once your box is decorated the way you like, glue everything in place and let it dry.

Step 5: Flip your shadowbox over and glue your sawtooth hook on the back.

Then your done!

xo Katie


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