Special Sunday Etsy Picks

Hello Everyone,
Lately I been hearting a ton of items on etsy. I think its become one of my favorite pass times. What would make my etsy experience better is if monopoly money could somehow become real money and I could buy all theses lovely items..... well a girl can dream (lol).

Sears Manual Typewriter Model Constellation II White & Orange
Atomic Painted Magnets
Antique Vintage 1948 Zenith AM Radio Model 5D810
VTG 1950s 50s Parade NY Turquoise Dress w/ Pleated Skirt S/M
Vintage Metal Typography Sugar Canister Pink/Peach, White, Black
Wooden brooch, set of 3 pieces
Anchor Mini Mint Rubber Stamp
Vintage soviet mechanical alarm clock
Vintage super sink toy made in Italy by A.T.M Bologna 1950s kitchen decor
Vintage Strawberry Jam Jar

Also today is your last day to get 10% off (your order) in my shop. Just use the code STARSANDSTRIPES at checkout.

xo Katie


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