Lets Talk: Dreams, Passion and Purpose

Hello Everyone,
Usually for Lets Talk I ask you guys want you want me to write about but today I thought you wouldn't mind if I chose the topic :)

I usually don't get super de duper personal on this blog but the idea of ''following your dreams'' or ''finding your purpose'' are topics that I have always found intriguing. They are also topics that I love reading about on other people's blogs. So I though some of you might relate to my story or have something wise to share with the ''class'' (haha).

For me, this whole internal conversation began a few months ago, when I was thinking about changing my major in school. At the time I was studying graphic design which seems like the right fit for me. The problem was that I was never excited with the idea of being a graphic designer. To be honest now thinking back, I only picked graphic design because it was the only career in art that seemed to have a good ''future'' (career wise).


Since I was now thinking about changing my major, I began praying, thinking and researching about my passion and purpose.

In my research I found this article by Whitney on the topic of purpose. The chart above actually goes with her blog post. In her post she talks about how you can define your purpose. One of the reasons why I liked this article was because of Whitney's definition of the word purpose. She said ''Purpose is that elusive core of who you are, that can’t be slapped with a label or a stereotype...It has to come from within you.'' 

To me this made purpose sound more personal and unique to each individual. It also made me more excited to do more research on the topic.

In her article Whitney goes on and writes,

''And purpose is found by answering a simple question: WHY?''

Are you a photographer? Why?

A graphic designer? Why?

A blogger, a crafter, a freelancer, a creative? Why, why, why, why?

Why are you doing whatever it is you’re doing?

By asking yourself ''why'', you will get a simple answer. For example if you ask your ''why you are a  photographer'' you may get the simple answer '' I like to capturing memories''. Whitney saids that you need to go deep, to the core of your soul and really ask yourself ''why'' you believe this is your purpose.


I then found this article called The Short but Powerful Guide to Finding Your Passion. This article ask/pose ten different questions. The questions were simple but really got the ''dream juices'' flowing. It really made you think about your life and took into consideration your hobbies. My favorite question from the list was, what do you read about?

I mean, thats an amazing question because it can really sum up who you are in a nut shell. It helped me because I realized the things that made me happy were things that I would not necessarily find in graphic design.


Finally the most important articles I found, revolved around God and praying for him to guide you to your purpose. This was the area that I spent the most time researching and praying about because I feel like one of the greatest accomplishments someone could have is knowing, that there doing what God has created them to do. So I felt like this area (for me) was the most important. 

To be honest I found so many good articles that if would take me another whole post to explain why I like each one! So below I listed a few of my favorites. I also listed some bible verses that have to do with decision making, worry and purpose. 

Am I living out God's purpose in my life?

How To Find Your Specific Purpose in Life

Major Confusion

Finding Your Purpose Through Prayer

7 Step Biblical Decision Making Process

You Are Meant for Great Things: Finding Your God-Given Purpose

Decision Making




So what did I decided to do. I ended up changing my school major to business, which seems like a complete 180 from graphic design. I'm still in shock that I actually made the decision. 

The program I am now taking will teach me about business but my main focus will be in entrepreneurship and small business. The idea of knowing how to write a business plan and knowing how to turn a creative idea into a business is so exciting.

The program itself will be much harder then graphic design but I think in the end it will make me the most happy. 

Wow, I didn't mean for this post to be so long (hahah). So what are your thoughts on dreams, passion and purpose? 

xo Katie


  1. Great article Katie, we all need encouragement from time to time. Life purpose is an important question that everyone should address. Thanks for the useful tips from your blog, they help me to stay motivated on my journey.

  2. Dreams and passions;such great terms.When I was a kid I used to think I'd become a lawyer because I had the passion for it but right now I am a teacher and I still enjoy it because my dream is to make money..... http://www.penthetruth.com


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