Comic Book DIY Round-Up

Hello Everyone,
This weekend I'm going to comic con! I'm so pumped and excited to go, that I can't wait. The last time I went to comic con was two years ago and that time I got to see Adam West and Burt Ward. This year the celebrity line up it really good. For instance, William Shatner!!!

In honor of comic con, I though it would be fun to round up some comic book diys.

diy: comic book shoes
DIY: Comic Book Necklace
Comic Book Necklace Pendant DIY
Comic Book Style Superhero Pillow
Fun With Letters and Comics

I'll also be sharing pictures on Monday and talking more about the event.

Have any of you guys been to comic con?



  1. omg, I'm so jealous. I've always wanted to go to a comiccon. Please get a picture of william shatner? :) haha, I love these comic projects.

  2. I like the shoes! *_*


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