Comic Con:Part 1

Hello Everyone,
This past Saturday I got to go to Comic Con! It was so much fun and I can't believe I got to go again. The first time I went was two years ago and since then there was some big changes in the layout of the convention.

The convention was in different room then last time and there was more space (even thou it didn't seem like it with all the people). The celebrities were also not all together but spread out more. It was a little bit harder to take pictures this year because of all the people and lines. I didn't even get a good picture of Stan Lee because his line was so long and there was a huge crowd around his booth (it was the same for Norman Reedus).

Luckily, I was able to get a few good pictures of William Shatner. Cause when he came out a huge (and I mean huge) crowed surrounded his booth. It was still so cool to see him and he seemed super nice. I didn't get an autograph or picture with anybody because they were really pricey this year.

I also decided to divide this post into two parts because of all the pictures.

This was the main sign you saw when you walked in. Behind this sign was the whole comic con in all its comic book glory. 
Minions were everywhere at the convention! This backpack was 30.00 dollars.  
There were several booths that were selling glasses as well, these were 10.00 a piece. 
This picture above shows why it was hard to get a good picture of William Shatner. Everybody kept blocking my view and since I'm only 5'1 it was hard for me to see over people's heads (lol). There was also at on point some security who was blocking people from taking pictures. 
William Shatner!!!
Some Batman artwork. 
Anybody wanna go back to the future? 

Tomorrow I'll  be sharing more pictures of the convention and of other celebrities. Overall I had a great time and even bought some stuff. The last time I went it was so overwhelming that I didn't end up buying anything from the booths (or really look at the booths for that matter). If your interested to see what I bought, I could share that too :)

xo Katie

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