Special Sunday Etsy Picks: Critters

Hello Everyone,
Is anyone out there? Do you remember me? I'm the girl who is suppose to be running this blog. lol

Well, again my attempt to blog and work on school was a big fat failure. This week school completely controlled my life and I had no time to work on any blogging. I actually had an interview for a job this week which was kinda awkward because it was a group interview (which I have never done before). So needless to say my life has been busy.

This weekend I'm going to plan out blog post for next month and really dedicated my time to blogging. I have decided that (for now) I'm only going to blog when I can. Its just too much to blog full time or even part time and work on school. So some weeks you might see three blog post and other weeks you might only see one. I'm gonna try my hardest to really create some amazing blog post for October!

Watercolor PRINT Squirrel
Personalized Forest Critter with Initial Heart
Needle felted fox Evy
Raccoon Ring
Woodland Critter Doodles

If you guys have any blog post ideas or wanna see something particular on the blog, then leave a comment below.

xo Katie

p.s I also have some fun stuff in the works....

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