Special Sunday Etsy Picks

Hello Everyone,
Its been almost a whole week since my last post! School this semester has really been brutal with all the homework and three page papers. It also looks like I won't be slowing down this week.

This week I am going to try and post a little bit more than one post (lol). I will have a diy, and share some comic book related crafts because this coming weekend I'm going to comic con! I will share pictures and talk more about that next week.

Since its Sunday I though you guys deserved some Etsy picks :)

Celebrate Your Existence With Cake Birthday Card
Relax, it's Teatime
Hot Air Balloon and Little Cloud Rubber Stamp Set
Organic Cat Pillow
Pastel colors: Paper necklace

What have you guys been up to this week?

xo Katie

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  1. I've been having busy days, even with the kids back in school. These are great picks! I especially love that one at the top and the paper necklace. =0)


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