Special Sunday Etsy Picks: Mustard Yellow

Hello Everyone,
Hope your weekend is going well!

Besides school, nothing too exciting as been going on. I am looking forward to November for several reasons (on of  those reasons being my birthday)!!!! Also November will mean that the school semester is almost over!

Today for special sunday etsy picks, I decided to do a mustard yellow theme. I been seeing the color a lot lately and its kinda of growing on me.

Mustard Yellow Melamine Cups and Saucers
Coffee Mug Cozy - Mustard Gold Yellow
Mustard Tea Tin Desk Clock- Handmade- Upcycled- Recycled
Vintage Mustard Yellow Metal Insulated Covered Teapot Coffee Pot and Covered Cream and Sugar Bowl
Hand Painted Moleskine // Hopes and Dreams, Mustard Yellow
xo Katie

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  1. love the mustard yellow picks!! I know this year suppose to be about green but I'm feeling the yellow.


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