Special Sunday Etsy Picks: Pumpkins

Hello Everyone,
How was your first week of October?

My week was spent doing school work and studying for an exam I have next week. Is it bad that I'm already counting down the day till the semester ends? lol

I've also been trying to make some diys, but the Ohio weather just doesn't want to corporate. For the past few days it just been rainy and dreary. My plan is to have a new diy up this week for you guys (so keep your fingers cross).

Hope you guys aren't getting tried of pumpkins, cause today's special sunday etsy picks is full of them!

Fine Art Photograph October -Pumpkins Orange White Fall Autumn Halloween Harvest Sepia
Pumpkin Pillow Cover, Autumn Orange
Orange Linen Pumpkin, Halloween Decor, Autumn Harvest
Sugar fondant pumpkins - edible Halloween cake decoration
CROCHET PATTERN - Simple Pumpkin

xo Katie

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