A Few Of My Favortie Things

Hello Everyone,
Were already 8 days into November and I haven't even had time to write a decent blog post. Life has been pretty crazy for the past week and hopefully it will slow down (lol).

My birthday is week from tomorrow which is super exciting. My plan, is to go out to eat and maybe do some antiquing/thrift shopping. To be honest, I really just want a quiet day where I'm far away from text books, note cards and long 8 page papers (lol). This is probably not the typically request for someone celebrating their 21 birthday but its my idea of a good time :)

So between writing papers and reading boring textbooks, I was able to search the internet and find a few of my favorite things.

Making these cookies are definitely going on my to do list.

All these spools of thread get my creative juices flowing.

This article about Sarah Parrott and (her adorable) etsy shop was super inspiring!

Made By Girl was probably one of the first blogs I ever followed. Jen Ramos (the founder of Made By Girl) has always amazed me with her talent and pretty paintings. Recently she posted this blog post where she gave tips about starting your own business.

Finally, this handmade baby tiger is too cute!

xo Katie

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