Birthday: Odds And Ends

Hello Everyone,
Long time no see!

I've been super busy lately with school, birthdays and normal everyday stuff. Last Saturday was my birthday and I wanted to share with you some little things that I picked up while shopping.

This a little dog is probably my favorite item that I picked up. Its a little toy poodle but it totally reminded me of my dog Sparky. So I had to get it.

One thing that I do collect is bunny figurines, so when I saw this little guy my heart kinda melted. It was only $1.59!

This radio looked super cute and fit perfectly in my shadow box.

Now, when I saw this guy my first though was Loch Ness Monster. I believe this creature is suppose to be some kind of dinosaur but I bought it because it reminded me of the Loch Ness Monster. I guest that just how my brain works (lol).

So those were all the little things I picked up on my birthday trip. I love buying little figurines because every time I look at them, they bring back a happy memory!

xo Katie

p.s Stop by the blog tomorrow for a fun feather diy!

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