Guest Blogger: Crafts from a Ravenclaw

Hello Everyone,
Today I thought it would be fun to kick off the week, with a fun diy guest post from Rachel. So I'll let her take over:

Hello! My name is Rachel,and I blog over at Crafts from a Ravenclaw,and Thank You very much Katie for allowing me to blog over here at Running with a Glue Gun today! I have these decorated tealights to show you, and they make great last minute gifts, just in time for the holiday season. Also the colours and decorations are completely customisable,so you each one can be completely individual!

Let's get started:

Tealight candles
Double Sided Tape

Decoration such as gems, bows etc.
Glue Gun, Glue Dots or Super Glue (depending on strength and size)

Step 1: Check that your ribbon is not taller than your tealight, as this could potentially be a fire hazard.

Step 2: Attach enough double sided tape for the circumference of the tealight to the wrong side of the ribbon. Trim to a straight edge

Step 3: Take off the backing of the tape, and wrap around the tealight, trimming once all of the sides are covered

Optional: Decorate your tealights further using small embellishments, but keep in mind the potential hazard of lots of loose fabric.

Ta da!

I hope you liked it,and thanks again Katie for having me.

*This is such a cute idea, especially with the holidays coming up. I think a bunch of these in red and green would be so pretty. Thanks Rachel for the guest post!

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