Christmas Ornament DIY Round-Up

Hello Everyone,
One of our traditions during Christmas is we either buy a new ornament (for the tree) or I hand-make one. This year I have been seeing Christmas ornament diys all over the internet. So I though it would be fun, to round-up some of my favorites (cause its never to late to make an ornament for your tree)!

DIY: Sequin Sparkles Ornament
DIY Felt Doughnut Ornaments
Make Your Own Hilarious DIY Dog Ornaments
DIY Faceted Gemstone Ornaments, v. 2
Fun Popcorn Glass Ball Ornament
DIY Scalloped Ornaments

All these ornaments are adorable but I really love the popcorn and dog ornaments the best!

Whats your favorite?

xo Katie

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