Special Sunday Etsy Picks: Putz Houses

Hello Everyone,
Today I am sitting at my desk looking out at a Christmas wonderland. This pass weekend it snowed like crazy, so it was nice to stay indoors and curl up with my electric blanket (lol). I also found time to finish up my Christmas decorating (finally).

This coming week is also my last week of the school semester (insert here: a lot cheering and cartwheels). I can't wait to take some time off and actual enjoy the holiday season.

When I was trying to think of a theme for this weeks picks, putz houses came to mind. If you never heard of them, a putz house (also known as a glitter house) dates back to 1928. The putz house (putz meaning "to put'' or ''putter around'' in German) started out as a house shaped cardboard candy box in Germany. Then later on, the Japanese took this idea and added glitter and began selling them to the American market. The little houses became very popular in the 30's and people began using them as holiday decor.

So I went searching on etsy and found a whole village of little houses. The houses below are my favorites.

Vintage Putz Houses- Set of 2
Where Christmas Fairies Live - Vintage Putz Houses 
ON SALE Vintage Christmas Putz House
Vintage Putz carboard house
Three Vintage Cardboard and Mica Putz Houses

I don't own any originals but last year I did do a Winter Wonderland House DIY inspired by these little houses. So if you want to make your own, you can check out the diy!

xo Katie

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