Special Sunday Etsy Picks: Vintage Wrapping Paper

Hello Everyone,
How are you all doing this Sunday? I've been taking it easy and have been trying to make my own handmade wrapping paper (which turned out really cute).

Making my own wrapping paper got me thinking about vintage wrapping paper (which of course made me think of etsy). So today I'm sharing with you some retro/vintage wrapping paper that I found while searching etsy.

Vintage Christmas Wrapping Paper - retro Santas- adorable
Vintage Christmas Wrapping Paper
Vintage Wrapping Paper - Winter Village with Gold Leaf Detail - One unused sheet
Vintage Christmas Gift Wrapping Paper
Vintage Kaycrest CHRISTMAS - Gift Wrap Wrapping Paper - Small TOWN Scene - 1950s

My favorite would have to be the red paper with Santa Claus and the cat. Whats your favorite?

xoxo Katie

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  1. I'm a vintage wrapping paper crazed woman! I buy SO much of it on Etsy and yard sales. Obsessed is a better word! LOL


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