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Hello Everyone,
I was looking around on Modcloth trying to find my friend a gift for Christmas, when I got distracted by these adorable sweaters. Needless to say I thought it would be fun to round-up my favorites and share them with you guys.

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Aren't these animal sweaters so darn cute! Out of all of these sweaters the dog would be my favorite. He looks so funny and reminds me of Sparky in a lot of ways. I also love the raccoon sweater because his tail goes around to the back (which is super adorable).

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Out of these three sweaters, I love number five! The little scooters are so colorful and (when you look up close) have a hand drawn look to them.

I think any of these sweater would make a good Christmas gift and I wouldn't mind seeing one under the tree :)

What your favorite sweater?

xo Katie

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