Mini Collection Monday

Hello Everyone,
Hope you all had a great weekend!

Today I wanted to share with you a mini collection, since the last post I wrote in this series was in August of last year. This automatic washing machine toy actually belongs to my mom. She bought the toy online years ago because she collections vintage toys, tea sets, books and practically everything under the sun.

Out of everything my mom has ever collected this washing machine as always been one of my personal favorites. I love the 1950s look of the girls and the overall style is just so adorable.

From what I could gather, the toy is called the Little Miss Housekeeper Automatic Washing Machine and was made during the 1950s. What surprise me the most about the toy (mom bought) was that the graphics were still bright and the machine (itself) still worked.

There were also many different version of this toy made too. You can check out another version here.

Now I should probably make some little clothes to go into the washer or buy this vintage laundry toy play set for mom!

xo Katie

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