Must Have Craft Supply: E6000 Glue

Hello Everyone,
It's been a long time since I've done a ''Must Have Craft Supply'' post. My last post (in this series) was on Mod Podge which you can read here but today I'm going to be talking about E6000 Glue.

E6000 Glue in short, is fantastic! It's an industrial strength adhesive that can be used practically on anything.
I discover this glue back in high-school when I was working on a project for art class.What really amazing me about this glue was the strong bond it formed (when gluing items together) and how versatile it was. For example, I've used this glue on wood, plastic, glass, fabric, metal, beads and a lot of other stuff.

Now when you are using this glue, you do have to be carefully because a little can go a long way. There is also a distinct smell to the glue which could bother some people. So its important (when using E6000) that you work in a well ventilated area. Also the glue itself, has a tacky glue/rubber cement type feel (if you were to get it on your hands). Its not like super glue where if you were to get it on your fingers, that they would be stuck together.

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On this blog, I have shared many project where I have used E6000. So I went back and picked out some projects, to really show you the flexibility this glue has. The project that most surprise me was this Envelope Clutch DIY. I didn't think the glue would hold that well to fabric (let a lone felt) but the project came out like a dream. The fabric was not stiff and the glue did not bleed through the felt at all. In the above picture, you can see that I've used the glue on paper, plastic, buttons, and even crayons.

You can purchase E6000 in different colors, sizes and formulas. Personally, I have only boughten and used the clear and white E6000 glue. But recently they came out with a new spray formula that looks pretty neat. You can also buy E6000 at any craft store, hardware store or Walmart.

If your looking for a good all purpose glue to use in your craft projects, I would highly recommend trying out E6000. Now if your someone who already loves the glue but is looking for fun projects to make, then I would check out Mark Montano's Youtube channel. He is someone who comes up with amazing projects and often uses E6000.

So do you think E6000 is a must have craft supply?

xo Katie

*All opinions are my own and this is not a sponsor post from E6000 or Mark Montano.*


  1. I don't currently have any, but I love E6000. It's super strong!

  2. You need to get some (haha)!

    I love how you can use E6000 with practically any craft material. It's definitely a must have craft supply!


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