Special Sunday Etsy Picks

Hello Everyone,
Hope you all are having a great weekend!

It's been another snowy and busy week for me. School this semester is going pretty well, I've been trying to keep a positive attitude and not complain (to much lol) about the work load.

I also been trying to come up with some fun diys for February. So stay on the lookout for those! This Sunday's picks are all about nature with a touch of blueish green (if that makes any sense). Really there all just adorable picks that revolve around nature and blueish green somehow kept popping up (lol).

Sweet Fawn Print 5x7 Framed
the Sisters - mint green wool mountain range pillow
Felt succulent planter
Ready to Ship - Ceramic Love Birds
Nature Photography
I'm not usually a nature person but I just love spring and summer. So I think all this cold, snowy weather as been making me think about lemonade and the smell of cut grass.

xo Katie

p.s Does the last picture remind anybody of The X-Files? To me, it looks like a field that Mulder and Scully would be investigating because of some UFO sighting. Well, maybe it just me (lol).

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