The Happy Entrepreneur: Inspiring Stories

Hello Everyone,
Today I wanted to start a new series that I've been thinking about for awhile. I'm going to call this new series ''The Happy Entrepreneur''. In this series I'll be sharing resources, articles, my own personal stories and any other things I can find, that can help you become a happier entrepreneur (cause we all know being an entrepreneur is not always rainbows and unicorns).

To kick off this series and the new year, I thought finding some articles that could inspire you to grow your business or start that business (thats in your head) would be fun. So below I gathered up some of my favorite articles that I read time and time again, to stay inspired.

This article about Sarah Parrott and (her adorable) Etsy shop was super inspiring! Her workspace is so pretty and (by reading the article) you could tell that she was passionate about her craft. I also love the photos of her card making process.

I found Julie Ann Art when I had featured one of her cards on my blog. I though the card was so darn cute, that I wanted to find out more about the shop. Well, I ended up finding Julie Ann's blog and have been following it ever since. Her blog is great mixture of personal life and business life. She is also very open to talking about the business side of etsy and how she got started.

Etsy featured Julie Ann Art in one of their Quit Your Day Job articles and its always been one of my favorites.

Made By Girl was probably one of the first blogs I ever followed. Jen Ramos (the founder of Made By Girl) has always amazed me with her talent and pretty paintings. Recently she posted this blog post where she gave tips about starting your own business.

Make Pie Not War is not only an amazing name for an Etsy shop but its a darn cute Etsy shop. I found out about Alana Little's shop while reading her article on Etsy. She is someone who had a 9-5 (accountant) job and then turned her passion (jewelry making) into a career.

Being a jewelry maker myself, I found her article to be inspiring and interesting. I also found it interesting to see her process of jewelry making.

Well, I hope these stories inspire you to keep your business going or to start your own business in 2014. Also if you don't read Etsy's ''Featured Artist'' or ''Quit Your Day Job'' articles, I highly recommend it.

xo Katie

p.s What do you think? Do you like the idea of this series? Leave your comments below telling me your thoughts!


  1. What a great idea for a series! Nice to read up on these inspiring ladies. Looking forward to reading more of these :) Happy 2014 to you!

    1. Thank So Much!

      I'm glad you like the series. Happy 2014 to you too :)

  2. This sounds like an inspiring new series!

    1. Thanks!

      The web can always use a little more happiness and inspiration :)

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