A Handmade Valentine's Day

Hello Everyone,
Valentine's Day is right around the corner (actually its a week from today)! Lately I have been seeing tons of amazing Valentine's Day inspired DIY's, so I thought it would be fun to round up a few.

Easy DIY Valentine’s Coasters

DIY Jeweled Heart Sweatshirt
DIY // V-Day Double Stud Earrings
Make This: DIY Mylar Heart Treat Bags
Heart shaped tea bag tutorial and free tea tag printables
Personally, I love the jeweled heart sweatshirt and valentines coasters. What is your favorite DIY? 

xo Katie


  1. As a tea-lover, I love the heart shaped tea bag!!

    1. I thought you might like it! To me that project would be great if you made tons of different tea flavors and then put them in a vintage tea box to give to somebody.

      Thanks For Stopping By :)


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