Must Have Craft Supply: Hot Glue Gun Helpers

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I was sitting around the other day and realized that I have never done an in-depth post on one of my favorite craft products. So today were going to solve that problem and I'm going to talk about a must have craft supply which is Hot Glue Gun Helpers.

I discover Hot Glue Gun Helpers (HGGH) a few years ago when I was following Cathie Fillian's blog. For those of you who may not know Cathie Fillian and (her friend) Steve Piacenza are crafting experts. They have hosted crafts shows (like Creative Juice), written books and (are currently) working as spokespeople for Mod Podge.

I've now had the Hot Glue Gun Helpers for a few years and absolutely love them! Each item you receive is fantastic and can be used on so many different projects. For example, I used these HGGH when I was working on paper projects, jewelry and even wood projects. Also the best (and most important) thing to know about this set is that your fingers will not get burned!

To better explain the kit, here is the description from Cathie Fillian's Etsy shop:

Hot Glue just Got Cool with Hot Glue Gun Helpers! This new 7-piece set of craft tools will revolutionize the way you use Hot Glue.

What Are They?

Craft mat and tools for working with hot glue.

Protect your work surface and your fingers.

Heat-resistant and non-stick.

Use a small drop of glue for tiny gluing.

Press into hot glue with no risk of burns.

Also works with Mod Podge, acrylic paints, ink pads, shimmer mists, markers, gem glues & tacky glue.

Out of everything that you get, my favorite tool is the craft mat! As you can tell in the above picture my mat is a little dirty because I've used it so much (lol). I used it with other glues (like Mod Podge) and have even used it when working with clay.

Besides the mat, in the kit you will receive 6 other tools. Each tool is designed to be used in a different way so you can use your hot glue on any type of project.

The Press Wand (which is the big chunking crayon looking tool) is designed to smear hot glue. This tool is ''great for gluing embellishments'' (hotgluegunhelpers).

The Paddle is designed to ''pick up small amounts of glue'' (hotgluegunhelpers). I've used this tool for a lot of my paper crafts when I've been gluing down small pieces of scrapbooking paper. 

The Finger Caps are sort of self explanatory. You just put them on you fingers so you can hold stuff together while its drying and it helps protect your fingers from burning.

The Tweezers are again self explanatory but can be used to pick up small items like gems.

You can purchase HGGH through Filian's Etsy shop, Amazon, HSN, Kmart or Plaid Online. Personally, I bought mine through Amazon.

So if your looking for a new craft supply I would definitely check out Hot Glue Gun Helpers. Also if you want to learn more about the product you can check out this video and Cathie Fillian and Steve Piacenza  Youtube channel.

What do you think? Is Hot Glue Gun Helpers a must have craft supply?

xo Katie

*All opinions are my own and this is not a sponsor post from Hot Glue Gun Helpers, Cathie Filian or Steve Piacenza .*

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