3 Ways To Stay Creative

Hello Everyone,
With school being in full swing (like it has been this week) its easy for me to get so consumed with doing homework (and studying) that I find it hard to stay creative.

Does anyone else have this problem?

Well to beat the creative slump, I have 3 different tricks (that I always go to) which help me stay creative.

Color Book Wall Art / Cute Coupon Holder 
1. Learn To Use Your Favorite Craft Product In Multiple Ways: If you have a craft product that you love whether its glitter or a hot glue gun, find different ways to use the product in projects. Currently I'm loving theses wood plaques from Wal-Mart. They provide a great base for projects and can be painted, embellished or even wood burned.

So find your favorite craft product (or two) and write down all the different projects you could possibly make. You'll be surprise how fast your creative juices start flowing.

2. Get Off The Internet: Don't get me wrong I love the internet and especially love Pinterest. But once you get on Pinterest you start out looking for craft projects which somehow leads you to double chocolate chip cookie recipes and a few hours later your looking at pictures of Ryan Gosling....

Any-who, I love to get off the internet, turn on some music and dive into my stash of craft books and craft magazines. With sketch book in hand you will see yourself writing down project ideas or coming up with your own version of your favorite projects. Also I thinks its really fun to go back and look at old craft magazines (like Home Companion which is now out of print) because you can find new inspiration or rediscover something that you use to love.

3. Try Something New: This may sound like a no brainier but it really can get you out of a creative slump. Lately I been working with polymer clay and absolutely love it! I had never really worked with it before, so experimenting with it and coming up with projects has been a lot of fun.

So those are the ways that help me stay creative. How about you, whats help you stay creative?

xo Katie


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