Kitschy Bunnies

Hello Everyone,
Recently my best friend and I went antiquing. It had been so long since we had gotten together to shop and it had been even longer since I had done any type of thrifting or antiquing.

While looking around at everything I found these two little kitschy bunnies, sitting on a shelf looking all lonesome. They were only $6.00 dollars (for the pair) and in really good condition. So they ended up coming home with me!

My collection of bunny figurines is growing way to fast (lol). But I loved these little guys because of their kitschy look and (of course) their furry tails! The price tag also had a small description about them which mentioned that they were made around 1950 in Japan (I thought that was pretty cool).

Currently, there sitting on my bookshelf surrounded by other bunny friends. I really need to stop buying but you know how that goes ;)

xo Katie

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