My Favorite D.I.Y'S Right Now

Hello Everyone,
Lately I have been seeing tons of bright and colorful DIY'S. It probably has something to do with everybody wanted it to be spring and warmer ( I couldn't agree more, I'm sooo tried of feel like a cold penguin).

Ok, back to the DIY's

So I've been seeing some pretty awesome (and colorful) craft projects lately and I wanted to share them with you guys. Cause sometimes I rather look at other pretty DIY'S then write one up myself (lol).

DIY Comic Book Compact
DIY: Yarn Wrapped Key Covers
Upcycle Style: Make an Envelope from a Magazine Cover
Painted Egg Cup Planters
How to Crochet a Lap Rug in Kaleidosopic Colour
The comic book compact is probably my favorite project just because I love super-easy and affordable DIYs. I also love the kaleidoscopic lap rug.

Whats your favorite project?

xo Katie


  1. I love the comic book compact- because I love anything nerdy. ;)

    I also love the planters!

    1. The comic book compact is definitely cool and I love the color of the planters!


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