Easter Bunny Candy Dish DIY

Hello Everyone,
If you love candy (especially Easter candy) then you'll love todays DIY.

Todays DIY will be an Easter Bunny Candy Dish which is perfect for holding all those jelly beans. Before we begin there are two things that you should know about this project. One the actual jar used in this DIY is a candle jar. So if you want to learn how I got all the wax out of the jar, then read this post here (I explain my whole process). Second I will be using rub ons. If you don't know what rub ons are, there basically images that you can transfer to another surface (by rubbing them). Rub ons come in a variety of styles and you find them at any craft store.

Now that you know all of that, lets get crafty!

Candle Jar
Tacky Glue
Paintbrush or Popsicle Stick
Tape or Masking Tape
Rub Ons 

picture 1
picture 2
Step 1: Cut out your rub ons and place them on your candle jar with some tape. Then with the end of a paintbrush or popsicle stick begin rubbing your image (make sure you follow the instructions for the specific rub ons your using). Once your done, your jar should look something like picture 2.

Step 2: Now at the base of your candle jar, apply a little bit of tacky glue and begin wrapping your string around the jar. Wrap the string around the jar as many times as you like and once your done cut off the end and glue it down. For an extra touch take some more string and make a small bow, then glue it to the front of your jar. 

When the glue is all dry, your ready to fill up your new candy dish! 

xo Katie 

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