Third Year Of Blogging!!!

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Hello Everyone,
You remember me? You know, I'm the girl who writes on this blog.

Well, lately you probably have noticed thats its been super quiet around here, which is never fun. I kind-of fell down the rabbit hole of college exams and have been studying (aka frying my brain) for the past two weeks. This week is exam finals and then I get two lovely weeks off until I have to take summer classes (but don't worry its only two classes, so I'll be blogging much more after this Wednesday).

Speaking of blogging, I was studying this morning and happen to notice the date. April 29. Good old, April 29. I'll be honest I sat in my chair thinking, why is that date important to it someones birthday, anniversary, do I have a last minute assignment due? Then it dawned on me, its my blog's birthday!

I can't believe I almost forgot.

So today marks three years of blogging. Three whole years of writing post, answering comments and finding some amazing blogs. I never thought blogging would become an important part of my life. I can't even believe I kept it going this long because your talking to the girl who couldn't even keep a diary updated for a week (lol).

For me, this blog has helped me in many ways. I think though blogging I discovered who I really want to be, what I'm good at and more importantly how to be comfortable in my own skin. The past few months have been really ''big'' for me because I have had many opportunities come my way in both blogging and in life (which I'm truly grateful for and also thank God for everyday).

Most importantly, all of these amazing opportunities could not have happen with out the support of you guys! I don't mind saying it, but I have the best readers! All the comments you guys leave makes me smile and you don't know how excited I get, when one of you re-pins a project of mine on pinterest.

So I wanted to say thank you! Thank you for your support and always coming back to read what crazy things I write about. I'm truly blessed to have this opportunity to share what makes me happy with you guys and I can't wait to see what the next blog year holds.

xo Katie


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