Darby Smart: Big Cats

Darby Smart: Charmed DIY Necklace

Hello Everyone,
Hope you all are having a great day! 

I just wanted to let you guys know, that Darby Smart is now offering my Charmed DIY Necklace kit in another animal option! This new animal option is called Big Cats which includes a lion, tiger and cheetah. I'm am super excited about this, I mean look at that cute little lion!

You can still get the original box which is now being called the Circus Trio which includes an elephant, horse and camel. If you want to learn more about the box like the type of supplies you get, price and shipping click here . If you want actually look inside the box and get my personally opinion about everything you get, click here

So what option do you like better Big Cats or Circus Trio?

xo Katie

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