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How to Start Your Own Art Collection (Without Breaking the Bank)
Hello Everyone,
Recently one of my lovely readers named Laura (you should totally check out her blog), left a comment about how she thought my Star Constellation Wall Art DIY would look great as part of a gallery wall. Her comment really made my day because I am a huge fan of gallery walls. I just love how the wall is basically a home for so many pretty things and when you get tried of the overall ''look'', you can take something down and hang something new up.  The only problem is that I always seemed to be in the ''collecting stage'' and not the'' hammer and nail/oh look I have a gallery wall stage''. 

As of right now, I do not have a gallery wall but its definitely on my ''future home'' list of things to do. I've seen so many awesome gallery walls floating around the web, that I thought it would be fun to round up a few for some inspiration.  

My Office Gallery Wall + Tips
room tour part 3: my studio
Gold Glam Gallery Wall

All these gallery walls I find super inspiring! Maybe one of these day I'll get around to making my own.

Do any of you have a gallery wall?

xo Katie

p.s If your looking for something new to dress up your wall, click here to see a few of my wall art DIYs! 


  1. The fact that my comment inspired a blog post, and your shout out, seriously just made my day. Actually like, my whole week. For realsies ;)

    And I probably already said all this in the other comment I left, but I'm obsessed with my future gallery wall plans right now! I'm definitely in the collecting phase too. Sadly, I live in an apartment that I'm about to move out of, and I'll probably still be living in non-permanent type apartments for awhile, but someday, someday in like 5 years when gallery walls aren't even a hip trend anymore, someday, I am going to bust out the hammer and nails and all the stuff I've collected and create the MOST. EPIC. GALLERY. WALL. EVER!

    whew! Sorry about that - I'm a night owl, but as it gets later I tend to get goofier ... ;) Happy Memorial Day Weekend! I hope you enjoy it!!

    1. HAHA, you and me will definitely be in the same boat! The day that I create a gallery wall, will be the day when the new ''hip trend'' will be gallery walls on the ceiling (but who cares) ;) Currently, I live with my parents (since I go to college full time), so I really don't have the space for an epic gallery wall. But one day it will happen!

      I'm glad the post made your day and thanks for leaving a comment (goofy and all)!!! Have A Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


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