Mother's Day Clay Tray DIY With Treat

Hello Everyone,
Recently I was introduced to Treat Greetings. Treat (by Shutterfly) is a greeting card company where you can create personalized greeting cards that fit your style.

After seeing some of there card designs, I was inspired to make a DIY project for mother's day that could be paired up with a few of there cards. So today I'll be talking a little bit about my experience with Treat and I'll be showing you guys how to make a set of clay trays for mother's day.

Before we get into the DIY, lets talk about cards. Like I mentioned above, Treat is a greeting card company were you can create personalized greeting cards. If you know anything about Shutterfly, then you will be in love with Treat.

To get inspired for the DIY, the first thing I did was go to Treat's website and check out all their cards. I was shock to find so many different card designs that you could alter and personalize to fit your ''needs''. They have all types of cards for different occasions and there card designers are Hallmark, Dwell Studio and Night Owl Paper Goods (just to name a few). They also have a ton of cards, that already have great prints on them like the Mama Grizzly card (that I ended up getting in the first picture).

Personally, I ended up getting three completely different mother's day cards because I wanted to see how each would turn out.

The one above (From Your Little Artist), might be my favorite! Designing the card itself was super easy and I was done in minutes. Basically all I had to do was upload my photos, place them where I wanted them and add my message. I love how it turned out but my photos do not do this card justice. The colors came out super bright and the printing quality (for all of the cards) was excellent.

The other card that I got, was this really funny/vintage looking mother's day card. My mom has always been a baker and a lover of vintage things, so this card was perfect for her. On the outside of the card it reads ''Good Moms Let Their Kids Lick The Beaters'' and on the inside it reads '' Great Moms Turn The Mixer Off First''.

Overall, I was extremely happy with each card. All the cards look exactly like there picture online, the card-stock for each card was thick/sturdy and the colors of the cards were really bright. Also the whole process of designing and ordering your cards was easy as well.

So now you have your lovely cards but nothing to pair them with. Well, I solve that problem!

When trying to come up with a DIY for this project, I wanted to create something that would be easy to make, customizable and useful. Thats when a set of clay trays pop into my head.

Now you may have seen some different versions of clay trays over the internet but I really wanted to show you how easy it is to make a personalize set for super cheap. Also when making these trays, I wasn't going for that ''perfect'' store bought look. I wanted my trays to look handmade. So it didn't bother me if my trays weren't perfectly round. But if it bothers you, just spend some more time shaping your trays until your happy.

These clay trays make the perfect gift for mother's day because they can be used to hold jewelry, keys, candy, nail polish, paper clips, and anything else you can think of. If you want to learn how to make your own set of trays, read the directions below!

Oven Bakes Clay
Rolling Pin
Paint Pen
Craft Knife

Step 1: Roll out your clay.

Step 2: Lay your bowl on top of the clay and trace around it with your craft knife. Then cut out your circle with your craft knife.

Step 3: Now take your stamps and stamp around your bowl. I stamp the word ''mom'' around the entire bowl but you could stamp a quote, an inside joke, or some other design. The possibilities are endless.

Step 4: When your done stamping, take your clay circle and place it inside the same bowl you used in step 1. Then gently push your clay circle into the bowl (this will help give your clay tray some shape). Once your done shaping your bowl, gently pull the clay circle out of the bowl.

Your tray may look a little flat but thats ok, just go back around with your hands and shape your tray until your happy.

Step 5: Follow the instructions that came with your clay and then bake your tray.

Step 6: When your clay tray is all baked you can then use your paint pen. Using your paint pen, decorate your tray by either coloring the edge of your tray or adding a design in the middle. I did both and really liked how it turned out.

When your paint pen is dry, then your done!

Now, what mom would not want to get something like this on mother's day? I mean everything is handmade and one of a kind! What could be better?

What are you getting your mom for mother's day?

xo Katie


  1. Wow, I love this DIY! I cannot post the projects I'm making for Mother's day because my Mom reads my blog every day. ;)

    Those cards sound really neat too- I've never heard of treat, but I have heard of Hallmark. :)

  2. very creative and cute...I'd love to receive one of them! Hot pink and gold look great together.


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