My Favorite D.I.Y'S Right Now: Planters

DIY Crocodile Succulent Planter

Hello Everyone,
With spring finally in the air, all the flowers are blooming and looking as pretty as ever. Everytime I walk into a store and see some pretty flowers, it makes me wanna start my own little garden. The only problem, is that I have never been that person with a green thumb. I'm more of that, buy flowers, put them in vase with some water type of a girl.

But I'm improving. Right now I'm trying to grow this little strawberry plant that I got at Target. At the moment its not growing..... but will see what happens (haha).

Maybe I would become better at growing plants, if I had a cute planter for my plant? Well, if I had any of these awesome planters then I would definitely have a green thumb!

Gold Dipped Plant Pots
Faux Succulent Dachshund Planter
Gold Dipped Swan Planter
My favorites would be the crocodile and dachshund. I mean, who wouldn't want to grow a plant out of a hot pink crocodile?

Do you have a green thumb?

xo Katie


  1. Wish I were good at growing plants but most of them end up dying. ; ( But I do love your choice of cool planters. I suppose I could always get a neat planter and fill it with faux plants. : )

    1. I didn't even think of faux plants! That would be a perfect idea, just have a bunch of cute planters all around you house with faux plants in them. No one would ever know the difference (haha)!

      Thanks For Stopping By :)


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