Turn Those Lovely Vintage Items Into Something Useful

Hello Everyone, 
Before I begin today's post, lets see if you can relate to a little story.....

''It's a nice sunny day out and you're soaking up this glorious day by doing some shopping. While you're out and about, you happen to walk by your favorite shop. You stop to look at the store window and notice that they changed it for summer. In the window you see tons of new items that are bursting with color and then you see that one item (that you know you can't afford) but you're just a bit curious about. So to satisfy your curiosity and to get out of the hot sun, you decide to mosey on in. 

Once inside, you get the feeling that you been living under a rock for a hundred years because the store is completely different. There are new items, a new layout and now they offer baskets that you carrier around with you while you shop. After grabbing a basket you decide to look at that one item you can't afford. After looking at it for less than 30 seconds, you say to yourself ''I'm already in here, might as well look around''. 

While walking around you see tons of new items and (mentally) place them in categories of cool, that would be perfect for ''so and so'', omg that's amazing, and just plain awful. Once you're in the very back corner of the store about ready to give up on not finding anything, you notice something out of the corner of your eye. 

You see that ''item'', that really unusually, weird, item. Instantly, its love at first sight. You feel like the thrift store gods have answered your prayers. Right now you not concerned about what family members or friends will think because you know this is meant to be. You then dig into your purse, justify the means of using your gas money to buy this ''item'' and head to checkout counter. 

Once home, you set this ''item'' on the counter and stare at it. Then you stare at it some more and realize that you have no idea what you're going to do with it. After doing some research you find out that this ''item'' was really a planter. That's cool but the only problem is that you killed the last plant you had without even touching it. So now you have a really cool planter but don't know what to do with.'' 

As you tell, I haven't done any creative writing in a while (haha). I though this would be a fun way to open up today's post which is all about turning those awesome thrift store finds into something useful!

When I first saw this poodle, I about died, I though it was the cutes thing in the world and the matching bow was just perfection. I knew it was probably a planter but as you guys know I don't have a green thumb. So instead of using it as a planter, I now use it to hold all my notecards and stick notes for school. 

I believe you should always surround yourself with pretty things that make you happy,so having this on my desk (when I'm studying for an exam) always brings a smile to my face. 

Other Uses For Planters:
  • They can hold t.v remotes.
  • They can hold all those bookmarks you get every time you buy a new book (this is what my friend did with her planter).
  • If you had a small planter, it be a cool way to hold your shop's business cards. 
  • You could turn them into candles by using this diy

Ok I'll be honest when I bought the above item, I had no clue what it was for. I assumed it was some sort of Easter decoration because the bunny was holding a pink, ceramic Easter egg when I bought it.  

Come to find out (after doing some research) the bunny was from a popular collection put out by Avon back in 1980's. The little guy above was actually a tea candle holder. 

I could definitely see this guy holding a candle but I like him holding my EOS lip balm better! If any of you are familiar with EOS, then you know that it kinda of already looks like an egg. So having my bunny hold this egg like lip balm is just adorable to me. 

Other Used For Candle Holders (depending on the size):
  • They can hold your favorite nail polish or make-up.
  • They can hold little stuff like hair ties or paper clips.
  • They can hold small rings or your favorite necklace. 

This last item is a no brainer, its a little flower bud vase. The possibilities for what this little guy can hold is endless. Personally, I ended up putting him on my desk so he could hold my pens.

Other Uses For Bud Vases:
  • They can hold your ''special pens'' (for all you crafters out there, I mean those $20.00 dollar pens that you only buy one of but hold onto for deal life).
  • They can hold paintbrushes.
  • They can hold eyeliners or your favorite mascara. 

So hopefully this post got your vintage, creative juices flowing! The next time you go out don't be so quick to throw that really cool but weird item to the side. You never know, you might just find the perfect use for it!

xo Katie

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