Two Toned Wooden Box DIY

Hello Everyone,
Yesterday I mention that I bought a wooden box at a garage sale that had never been used. So today I'm going to show you how you can turn a simple wooden box into a fancy two toned decorative box. This project is super easy to make and also very budget friendly!

Lets Get Crafty!

Wooden Box
Wooden Cutout
Wood Glue
2 Colors Of Paint
Foam Brushes
Buttons (optional/not pictured)
Tacky Glue (optional/not pictured)

Step 1: Apply some wood glue to the back of your wood cutout and adhere it to the top of your box. Then set your box to the side and let it dry.

Step 2: Once your box is done drying, you can then move on to painting. Paint the lid of the box and the bottom portion of the box two separate colors.  I choose a navy blue for the bottom and a taffy/vanilla color for the lid. You want to use two colors that contrast well together. When your done painting your box, set it aside to dry. 

When your box is all dry, then your done!

At the last minute I added two little buttons (that match the navy blue bottom) to the top of the box. This step is totally optional but if you want to add this extra touch, just apply some tacky glue to the back of two buttons and adhere them to the top of your box lid.

What do you think? I like the two toned look. Think of all the different color combinations you could come with!

xo Katie


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