What $10.00 Can Buy You At A Garage Sale

This was everything that was in the box! 
Hello Everyone,
Last Friday my best friend and I went to some garage sales. It had been a long time since I had been to any, so needless to say I was super excited. Usually when I go to garage sales, I'm looking for one of four things. Those four things being, craft supplies, vintage items (like books or toys), holiday decor and little knickknacks.

This past trip was by far the best trip I have ever had!

The first garage sale that we went to had a lot of different things. They had books, holiday decor, furniture, DVDs and some craft supplies. I was looking at some of the craft supplies when the lady (running the sale) said she had a big box of ''craft stuff'' that I could look at. So, I made my way around the crowd of people to look at this box.

The first thing that caught my eye was four big canvas! I mean if you are an avid crafter or painter, you know that canvases can get expensive. Here in the box, the lady had a 1.00 mark for four big canvases! I couldn't believe it. Then as I kept going through the box, I found canvas after canvas, a small wooden box (that had never been opened), a ton of vintage craft/paint books and some pads of paper.

I don't know what happen to me but before I could understand what I was saying, I asked the lady how much it would be for the whole box! The lady looked at me like I was crazy but I had to ask. She then ask me to make her an offer. An offer! In my mind I was thinking do I look like one of the American Pickers, I don't make offers, I'm the person who get nervous when ordering at Subway when theres are tons of people behind me. Making an offer off the top of my head is not one of my best skills.

So (honest to God) in my mind I was going to say 10.00 dollars but before the words could form another lady (working at the garage sale) said ''how about 10.00 dollars''. Without sounding to freaken excited, I said ''ok'' (haha).

When I got home, I hadn't realized how much stuff I actually got. In all I counted up 15 canvases (both large and small), 2 hardback books, 2 soft cover book, 3 magazines and about 33 paint/craft books.

Just some of the many books! 
In the box there were books for crafting, painting, costume making and even eggeury. 
I was looking at some of the copyright dates and some of these books date back to 1959,68 and 70. 
Over the weekend I read the ''Decoupage Start To Finish'' book and it was so good! 
Here are the canvases that got me so excited. 
I was even blessed to get some big ''how to paint'' books! 
I was lucky enough to fit most of the books on my bookshelf. Now I can't wait to use those canvases and read some of the awesome material, so I can get inspiration for new projects!

Are you a garage sale person, do you have the skill of haggling down to a science (or are you like me and have no clue how to haggle)? Let me know and leave your thoughts below!

xo Katie


  1. Wow, that's awesome, Katie!! Such an amazing deal on canvases and other supplies.

    I have some old drawing books like those that I love. :)

    1. I love those drawing books! Its so much fun to go through them and learn something new. I was also able to get some pretty awesome paint books too.


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