An Attitude Of Gratitude

Hello Everyone,
Since its the end of the month that means its time to have an attitude of gratitude.

The things that I'm grateful for this month are:
  • Getting Closer To God
  • Finding The Balance Between School And ''Me Time''
  • Mom For Buying Me The Perfect White Sunglasses (that look exactly like Audrey Hepburn's in How to Steal a Million (which is why I wanted them in the first place) ) 
  • Dad For Bring Home Super Yummy Cherry Cokes, Smoothies and Mcflurries
  • Having My Projects Featured On Some Awesome Sites!
  • Neon Tree's New Album Pop Psychology (it has made doing math homework much more enjoyable)
  • Random Surprises From Dad And Mom (which mostly involve food haha)
  • Finding Time To Read
  • Blogging Opportunities
  • My Car For Always Working 
  • My Little Puppy
  • Blog Friends
  • Just Being Happy 
  • Memories
What are you grateful for this month?

 xo Katie

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