Favorite DIY YouTube Channels: Part Three

Hello Everyone,
I was going through my archives the other day and noticed a post that I wrote about on my Favorite DIY YouTube Channels.  I wrote that post last year and it got me thinking about YouTube and if I had found any other DIY Channels. 

Personally, I love watching DIY channels on YouTube because there nothing like watching someone make a project or showing you how to do a certain crafting technique. Also since there really no crafting shows on t.v anymore (remember how HGTV use to have a ton of them?), it kinda like watching mini craft show episodes. 

So I made a list and compared it to the original post and a part two post that I wrote and realized that I had discover four new channels (that were at least new to me). I though it would be fun to do a part three in this series and share these ''new'' channels.

HGTV Handmade


A Beautiful Mess


If theres a DIY YouTube channel that you like, make sure to list it in the comments below!

xo Katie

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