National Donut Day DIY Roundup

DIY Donut Sunglasses
Hello Everyone,
Today is National Donut Day! Is anybody else excited by this? I'm probably the only person who get excited about national food holidays (haha). Any-who, in honor of today I thought it would be fun to roundup a few donut inspired DIYs!

Episode 9 // DIY Donut Art
DIY donut rug
DIY: KSNY x Darcel Inspired Donut Bangle
Donut Printables
My favorites are the donut glasses and donut art. If your looking for more donut inspired projects check out StudioDIY, there Kelly has a ton of amazing projects. 

Happy National Donut Day! Also whats your favorite donut? Mine is a pretzel donut (which is basically a glazed donut thats in the shape of a pretzel but its so huge)!

Have a great weekend! 

xo Katie 

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