No Sew Pizza Slice Pillow DIY

Pizza Anyone?
If someone ask me that question I would say yes in a heartbeat! Over the pass view years, my love of pizza has gone through the roof. Most people would probably say my love of pizza has only grown because I'm in college but before my ''college years'' I have always loved pizza. 

Its this love of pizza and a few no sew projects I've seen, that have inspired me to create a no sew pizza slice pillow (try to say that three times fast). Now as Ina Garten would say (from the Barefoot Contessa) ''How bad can that be''?

Let's Get Crafty!

Brown Fabric
Yellow Fabric
Red Fabric
Felt (for your topping)
Fabric Glue
Stuffing (not pictured)

Step 1: Cut out two triangles using your brown fabric. For this whole project I just eyed balled everything but if you wanted to you could measure your pieces.

Step 2: With your yellow and red fabric, cut out two smaller triangles. The red fabric should be smaller than your brown fabric and your yellow fabric should be smaller than your red fabric.

Step 3: Using your felt, cut out your desired toppings. I went with pepperonis and banana peppers. 

Step 4: Take one of your brown triangles and your fabric glue and start gluing the top of the pizza together. Your ''layers'' should be brown fabric, red fabric, yellow fabric and toppings.

Make sure you give your glue enough time to dry during each layer and don't be afraid to get extra glue on those edges. Once your whole piece is dry, you're ready for the next step.

Step 5: Put the rights sides of your brown triangle and your now decorated triangle together. Then apply glue all the way around the edges but leave a small opening at the top. This open space will allow us to turn our pizza slice right side out and stuff it. 

Step 6: When your fabric is completely dry, turn it right side out and begin stuffing. Make sure you use some kind of tool like a pencil, to push the stuffing into those corners (usually when you buy stuffing you'll get a wooden stick to do this). When you're happy with the stuffing, fold the edges down and glue the opening shut. 

When your fabric is completely dry then you're done!

I bet now your craving pizza or maybe a pizza pillow! What do you like on your pizza? I like cheese and banana peppers myself. 

xo Katie 


  1. This is super cute! and pizza is always a good idea! My favorites are alfredo pizza and bbq chicken. ;)

  2. So cute!! I love pizza too, can't say no to Hawaiian ;)

    1. Thank You! I know, you can never get enough pizza. Also Hawaiian pizza sounds very yummy :)

  3. What a cute project! Thanks for sharing your pizza love :0) Being Chinese, I didn't really grow up with pizza, so I didn't have my first slice until I was in junior high school. But I was hooked the moment I tried it! My favorites are veggie combo (with onions, olives, mushrooms, peppers), pesto pizza with artichokes, and if I pickled jalapenos didn't bother me so much, ground beef and pickled jalapenos.

    1. Thats so amazing!!! I couldn't imagine having my first slice of pizza in junior high, I bet it look unusual but tasted so good :) Also my parents love veggie pizzas. Personally, I could never get on the veggie pizza boat but maybe its because I haven't tried the right pizza or right veggie combo. The combo you mentioned sounds pretty tasty!

      Thanks for stopping by :)


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