3D Firework Wall Art DIY

Hello Everyone,
I have another fourth of July project! This one is really easy to put together and looks so cool hanging on the wall. 

Before we get into the project, I just wanted to say that the frame I'm using has no glass. For this project, you will need a frame with no glass to get the 3D effect. So if you have an old frame lying around (with no glass) it would be perfect for this project. 

Now if you don't want to sacrifice a good frame by throwing the glass out, I would suggest taking the glass out and putting it in a safe place. That way you can make the project, enjoy it all through July, then remove the paper and pop the glass back into your frame. 

Lets Get Crafty!

Two Pieces Of Firework Scrapbooking Paper
Picture Frame (with no glass)
3D Foam Squares

Step 1: Take one of your pieces of scrapbooking paper and cut it to size, so it fits in your frame. 

Step 2: Take your second piece of scrapbooking paper and cut out fireworks that match your other piece of paper. On the left side is the cut out pieces and on the right side is our scrapbooking paper from step 1 (just out of its frame).

picture 1
picture 2
Step 3: Now take your 3D foam square and place them on the back of your cutouts. Then take your cutouts and put them over the corresponding fireworks (picture 1). Once all your cutouts are in place, trim an extra paper off. Picture 2, shows a close up of how your firework cutout might look. 

Once your all done trimming up the edges, pop the whole thing back into the frame and your ready to hang it!

This project looks super cool when you finally hang it! It looks really neat when you stand back from afar and look at it (the fireworks look like there really ''popping'').

xo Katie


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