5 Non-Craft Supplies You Need In Your Craft Toolbox

Hello Everyone,
Over the weekend I was doing some crafting and realized that I used a lot of supplies that are not ''made'' for crafting. For example, if I don't have a specific craft tool for a project, I usually can be found in the kitchen looking through the junk drawer for some sort of craft tool substitute. 

So today I thought it would be fun to share the 5 non-craft supplies that I used the most (while crafting) and talk a little bit about how I used them. 

1. Tweezers: Now some might consider this a craft supply but for the sake of argument were going to consider it a beauty supply or hardware supply. Any-who, I use my tweezers all the time when I'm crafting. I find that they really come in handy when I'm gluing small gems or small pieces of paper down. They also make hot gluing easier because you can hold a button or gem down with your tweezers (instead of your fingers) while the glue is drying. 

If your looking for a good pair of tweezers, I would try checking the jewelry section of your craft store. Usually you can find a variety pack for pretty cheap (like this one). 

2. Nail File: My nail file is probably my favorite non-craft supply that I use. The main thing I use it for is sanding. For example, sometimes you can get wooden cutouts from the craft store and they have rough edges. When that happens I take my nail file and run it across the cutout's edge to smooth it down. I also love using my nail file to smooth down the edges of foam core boards (since I can cut the stuff to save my life haha). 

Now this won't replace sandpaper but its good if your in a hurry and looking for something in a pinch. 

3. Sponge: Recently I've been using sponges, like crazy, in my crafting. I love to use them to add texture to projects (like my moon coasters) and they really come in handy when cleaning between stamp colors. For example, lets say your stamping and you want to use your ''heart stamp'' (which is currently covered in red ink) in another color. Instead of getting up and running to the sink to clean your stamp, you could clean your stamp with a sponge instead.  

What I usually do in this situation, is press my stamp into a damped sponge (multiply times), then wipe it off with a paper towel. Once I do this (one or two time) I'm then ready to use my stamp in another ink color.  

I know I'm not reinventing the wheel here but it does save time and makes life a bit easier. You can also use your sponge to make actual sponge stamps or use it as a makeshift pincushion (to hold your sewing pins). 

4. Bobby Pins: Who doesn't have a few bobby pin laying around? These little guys can really be helpful while crafting. Personally I love to use them to hold paper together (while glue is drying) or to hold fabric together (while I'm sewing or cutting). 

Bobby pins are also good for holding down the loose end on a yarn ball and it can help hold a nail in place while your hammering.

5. Toothpicks: Besides cubes of cheese, toothpicks can really come in handy while crafting. I tend to use toothpicks for mixing small amounts of paint and cleaning up gluey edges. I also like to use toothpicks for poking out smaller beads that get trapped inside bigger beads (since I have a huge bead box full of seed beads, small beads and big beads that all seem to get trapped inside one another).  

So those are the 5 non-craft items that I use while crafting. All in all, I think MacGyver would be pretty proud (haha)! 

Are there any non-craft supplies that you use while crafting? Leave your thoughts belows! 

xo Katie 


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