DIY Trend: Woven Wall Hangings

Diy Woven Wall Hanging
Hello Everyone,
Today I wanted to start a new series called DIY Trend. In nutshell these post will be about current ''trends'' in the craft world and then (in the comments) we can discuss whether we lovem, hatem or even try them. 

To kick off these series I wanted to talk about a current trend that is making a comeback which is the woven/loom/wall hangings.

A Woven Wall Hanging
DIY Woven Wall Hanging
This trend, is one that I could definitely get on board with. Which is kinda-of a surprise to me because I'm not usually into bohemian styled wall art (which is the feel I get from looking at these wall hangings). I guest I'm a fan of ''customizable projects'' and these wall hangings can definitely be altered to fit someone's personal style.  

I also love all the different colors and yarn textures that you could use to make one of these wall hangings. As I'm typing this, I'm thinking how pretty a woven pastel wall hanging would look with some mint colored yarn and some chunky off white yarn. The possibles are really endless. 

I haven't made a woven wall hanging yet but I have been eyeing a few tutorials. Here is one about weaving from Etsy and A Beautiful Mess recently wrote a post about weaving basics. Also (on a side note) every time I see one of these wall hangings, I think how cool it would look as part of a gallery wall. 

What are your thoughts? Do like this trend or are you not a fan?

xo Katie

p.s If you know of a craft trend that you would like to see featured in this series, then leave a comment below!

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