Fabric Moon Clock DIY

Hello Everyone,
As you can tell by the title, today I'll be showing you guys how to make another moon project! I love making these projects and for some reason they are my most popular (so its a win win). 

This DIY was first a craft fail because I tried to make this moon clock out of wood. Long story short, the wood piece I bought was to thick for the clock kit to go through. Not knowing what to do, the idea of a fabric clock came to my head. After doing some ''DIY research'' I though making a fabric moon clock sounded like a better DIY. 

I will say (unlike my other DIYs)  this project is more time consuming but its totally worth the end result!

Embroidery Hoop
White Fabric
Paint (in gray, black and white)
Textile Medium (medium that can turn acrylic paint into fabric paint)
Clock Kit
Glue (not pictured)
Scissors (not pictured)
Glitter (not pictured/optional) 

Step 1: Put your embroidery hoop on top of your piece of cardboard and trace around the inside. Cut your circle out and put it to the side. 

Step 2: Now take your embroidery hoop, place it on top of your white fabric and trace around the inside.

Step 3: Follow the directions on your textile medium and mix it into your acrylic paint. This textile medium will turn your acrylic paint into fabric paint. Use the circle that you traced onto your fabric as a guide and begin painting. I painted a little bit outside the circle to make sure that enough of my fabric was painted. 

The way I painted the moon, is the same way I paint all my moons. I usually start out with a layer of solid gray paint and then (using a sponge) dab on black, light gray and white paint. I keep doing this process until all the colors mix together. While your doing this step, you can also add glitter for some moon dust sparkle. 

Also you want to make sure that you have something under your fabric while your painting. The paint itself will blend through, so you want to make sure the surface your working on doesn't get damaged. I use some old brown craft paper. 

Step 4: While your fabric is drying paint your embroidery hoop to match your moon. 

Step 5: When both your fabric and embroidery hoop is dry, assemble the pieces together like you normal would. Then cut off the extra fabric around your embroidery hoop.

picture 1
picture 2
Step 6: Take your awl and poke a hole into your fabric that is big enough for your clock piece to go through (picture 1). Then take your cardboard circle and place it in the back of your embroidery hoop. Poke through the hole in your fabric (again) but this time go through your cardboard (picture 2). By doing this the holes will be the same size and line up with one another. 

Step 7: Now take your cardboard circle and apply some glue to the edges. Then place it back inside of the embroidery hoop. Let it dry.

In case your wondering, were adding the cardboard so the clock will be more stable. 

Step 8: When the glue is dry, add in your clock kit. 

Now just add a battery and hang your new clock on the wall!

I loved how the clock turned out! The sliver of the moon and the gold clock hands compliment each other nicely.

What do you think? Do you like this fabric moon clock?

xo Katie 


  1. Love it! I thought you might have used Darby Smarts July clock kit at first, but it came with a wooden circle, not an embroidery hoop. ;)
    your moon looks great!

    1. Thanks!

      I actually saw those kits from Darby Smart and thought they looked sooo cool :)


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