Projects I'm Loving From Darby Smart

Constellation Canvases
Hello Everyone,
Is anybody else glad that its Friday? I know I am. This weekend I definitely want to do some crafting, so I've been pinning, hearting and liking a whole bunch of projects on various sites (to give me some ideas). One of the sites I was looking at was Darby Smart. Now for those of you who don't know, Darby Smart is a craft box subscription service. You can order a craft project, get it sent to your door and inside you have all the items you need to make the project. Its really a lot of fun! 

Lately the site has been uploading some pretty cute projects. I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorites. 

Studded Tote
Build a Clock
Woodland Jewelry Box
Golden Seashell Necklaces
All these projects are fabulous! The constellation canvases and woodland jewelry box are probably my favorite out of these five. 

One thing I love about Darby Smart is that, when you buy a project, part of the money goes to the designer. So your really supporting the designer and the ''handmade community''! If your interested in become a designer, check out the link here. I did and has been an awesome experience

What do you think? Are you loving these projects?

xo Katie 

* This post was not sponsored by Darby Smart but I am a designer for them*

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