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Shark Hat
Hello Everyone,
As you all know by now, shark week is upon us. I'll admit that I don't watch that much of shark week but I did happen to see Sharknado 2 (which was funny/ridiculous). Needless to say, you have probably see several shark inspired projects in the past few weeks. 

Since every year shark week is becoming more popular, I think its safe to say that (at least during shark week) sharks have become a ''trend''.

DIY Shark Attack Coaster
DIY Shark Themed Jewelry
I'll be honest, this trend is one that I really love! From marshmallow pops to flip flops it amazing to see what some crafters can make with just the inspiration of a shark. For example, those sharks hats above are just adorable! It makes me wish that my school's mascot was a shark so I could wear them to games or something. I mean, who doesn't want a shark hat? 

In a weird way I think shark week has made sharks more ''lovable'' or at least more understandable. Discovery Channel should definitely come up with more animal theme weeks. I mean who wouldn't want a fox week or quokka week (which is the happiest animal in the world). Ok, my idea of animal theme weeks may be cute and fuzzy but I still think they should happen. 

Even though I love this shark trend, I have never made any shark inspired projects. So next year I will definitely come up with a shark project to post on the blog. 

What are your thoughts? Do like this trend or are you not a shark fan? Also what animal theme week would you like to see? Let me know in the comments below or leave your thoughts on the blog's new facebook page.

xo Katie

p.s If you know of a craft trend that you would like to see featured in this series, then leave a comment here or on facebook!

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