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Hello Everyone,
Hope your weekend went well.

Today, I have a small announcement to make. You can now follow Running With A Glue Gun on facebook

To be honest, this was something that I didn't know if I was ever going to do. In my mind, I was always thought facebook fan pages were for bloggers who had a very high number of ''followers''. So I always told myself that when I got to a certain number of followers on GFC or Bloglovin then I would create a facebook page.

What change my mind? Well, over the pass few weeks the blog has been getting a pretty good and steady number of views. A few of those views have turned into followers, a few have left comments and most have just been views (which is perfectly fine in my book). But the whole thing got me thinking about how people tend to be more active with leaving comments and there general thoughts on facebook. I really what to have a personally connection with my readers, so if thats where most of you are at then I should be there too. 

Also the whole idea of having a ''set number'' of followers before getting a facebook page is really ridiculous. If you want to start a facebook page for your blog (no matter what your following) you should just do it. You shouldn't compare yourself to other bloggers (which is what I was doing) and you shouldn't set limits for yourself or your blog. 

So if you want to stay connected, you can follow Running With A Glue Gun (on facebook) by clicking here!

xo Katie 

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