How To Clean Out A Candle Jar DIY

Hello Everyone,
Fall is right around the corner which means you will probably be burning a ton of yummy smelling candles (who is ready for pumpkin spice!). Since fall is candle season, you will mostly likely go through these three phases:

Phase 1: You will sniff out every possible candle in the store until you find that one amazing/yummy candle that satisfies all you nostril senses.

Phase 2: You will bring said candle home and burn it every night for about 4 hours.

Phase 3: You'll get to that point where there will not be that much wax left to burn but all your crafty senses will be tingling because you will not want to throw the jar out. 

Once you have reach phase three, you may be asking yourself, how can I reuse this candle jar and how in the world am I going to clean it out? That where this handy dandy blog post comes in. Today I'm going to be showing you my method for cleaning out candle jars. Then I'll be sharing some fun candle jar crafts from around the world wide web.

Candle Jar
Butter Knife/Plastic Knife

Step 1: Put your candle jar in the freezer and let it sit either over night (if you have the time) or 2 hours if your in a bit of a time crunch.

Step 2: After time has passed, take your candle jar out of the freezer. Now very carefully, start cutting into your candle wax with your knife. You will kinda want to do a chisel type motion. Depending on how much wax is in your jar, will determine how long this step will take. Most of the time, I will just make a few ''chisel cuts'', flip my jar over, hit the bottom and all the wax will pop out.  

Also on a side note, you can use a real knife for this step. I just like using a butter/plastic knife because it won't leave any scratch marks on your glass jar. 

Step 3: Once all your wax is removed, clean out your jar with some soap and water.

When you jar is cleaned out, your ready to craft! 

Now that you have a clean jar, what projects should you make? Personally, I'm a fan of this blog post that shows you seven (yes seven) different ways to upcycle a candle jar. I have also have written two blog post about upcycling candle jars. You can check out this candle jar to candy dish DIY or this decorative rub on candle jar DIY.

Whats your favorite candle scent in the fall? I'm definitely a pumpkin spice girl! 

xo Katie


  1. mmm, pumpkin spice is my favorite candle! This is a great tip, Katie.

    1. You can't beat pumpkin spice!

      Glad you like the post :)


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