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Follow Your Dreams Mug - Stylish Ceramic Mug
Hello Everyone,
Since the weather is getting chiller, that means its not only time to break out the scarves but its time to break out the mugs and hot chocolate. Lately I've been seeing tons of pretty typographic mugs on Etsy and thought it would be fun to round up a few of my favorites 

Paris Is Always A Good Idea Mug
Coffee Mug
A Life She Loved Mug
Eat Cake For Breakfast Mug
Wouldn't you love to wake up in the morning with one of these mugs in your cabinet? My super de duper favorite ones out of the bunch are '' Paris Is Always A Good Idea'' and ''Eat Cake For Breakfast''. I just love the graphic look of typographic mugs, there clean, simple and the phrase on the mug really stands out. 

Since were talking about mugs, we might as well talk about drinks. Currently, I'm drinking dark hot chocolate every morning. If you've never tried dark hot chocolate, you need to because its soooo good. Some mornings (mostly on the weekends), I'll add a dollop of whip cream and some mini chocolate chips on top. I swear, its so yummy! 

What are you currently drinking this fall? Also what are your thoughts on typographic mugs?

xo Katie 

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  1. These are awesome! I drink tea. All day, everyday! :) It's my favorite.


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