Scrap Ribbon House Sign DIY

Hello Everyone,
Long time no see! I took a bit of an unexpected break from blogging because of school but today I'm back with a fun diy. 

This diy was actually inspired by Aleene's new Quick Dry Fabric Fusion glue. I managed to get a free sample (last month) which ended up being a full size bottle and was really excited to use it. So I came up with a simple project that not only uses the glue but those ribbon scraps you may have lying around. I also will be writing full review on this new glue once I make a few more projects with it. Until then, you can learn how to make your own scrap ribbon house sign!

Wooden House
Aleene's Quick Dry Fabric Fusion (or any other fabric glue)
Hemp Cord
Scissors (not pictured)

Step 1: Lay out your ribbon in the order you want to glue them in. Once your happy with your design, glue each piece of ribbon down in its place.

Step 2: When your ribbon is dry, cut off any pieces that are hanging over the edge. 

Step 3: Flip your house over and glue a piece of hemp cord to the back. 

When the glue is dried, your all done!

I just loved making this project because it was so fun to combine different ribbons to come up with a ''winning'' color combo. Now, you don't have to use a wooden house as your main look. At the craft store they sell tons of different wooden shapes like hearts or triangles, so just make whatever suit your fancy. I also thought this sign would be cute as part of a gallery wall or in a space where you have other inspirational pieces.

Do you like this way of using ribbon scraps?

xo Katie

*This was not a sponsored post by Aleene's or ILOVETOCREATE. I also got the new glue by requesting a free sample through an offer ILOVETOCREATE had online*

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